Recruitment Office for weekly payrolls

Optimising the speed and accuracy of the process is critical if high volumes of short-term vacanies are to be filled efficiently and weekly payrolls are to be administered reliably. Recruitment Office achieves very significant time saving by focusing on two areas of the process.

Recruitment Office provides four key tools to simplify the process of generating high volumes of contracts:

  • Contract Template - Make the job of generating contracts for different trades much simpler.
  • Temporary Assignment Facility - Using the temporary assignment facility, candidates can be assigned to a contract on a temporary basis prior to finalising the assignment when they report to site, a facility that simplifies the administration of the assignment process.
  • Relationship Management - The relationship managment feature provides a convenient method of recording combinations of candidates and clients who work particulary well together, or prehaps do not make an ideal team. This is an important tool for optimising the quality of client relationships and removes an importance source of irritation from the contract management process.
  • Qualifications and Compliance Managment - Ensuring that candidate qualifications and certifications are up to date is easy with Recruitment Office. Certificate expiry dates are recorded, ensuring that candidates are appropriately qualified and certified for the role.
Recruitment Office for monthly payrolls

Top quality service is vital for agencies focusing on permanent recruitment or long term contracts. Recruitment Office delivers a number of key features that tangibly improve the service offered to both clients and candidates and simplifies the process of managing communications.

  • Email Management - Recruitment Office provides full integration with Microsoft Exchange and keeps track of all E-Mail traffic which is sent and recieved from clients and candidates. This feature vastly improves communication management and eliminates the danger of losing track of important messages.
  • Candidate Submittal - Monitoring the selection process is made easier through the ability to assign multiple candidtes to indiviuals assignments prior to final selection.
  • Managing the Client Relationship - Managing the client relationship is made substantially easier through the ability to specify recurring entires within the system ensuring that important commitments are met and not left up to individual members of staff.


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